O2 messaging service not working

Posted on 05.06.2018 by Madeleine
Looks like an issue with the service. Just to clarify, I don't have my phone set up to receive photos I have to go onto the site to see them.
I am confused as to why it was working fine yesterday but not now. Down detector is showing millions of outages across the UK and other parts of the world including Brazil and the US. I though I had got it sussed but obviously not. Last night my MMS messages were being sent and received fine, but today when trying to send a MMS i got a message not sent and a service not activated on network error message. Read more in our Messaging Services story. And we use text messages to delight our own customers too. Normal text messages are working fine as is my mobile internet.
It has worked before but its never straightforward. The only time it stops firing is when the screen is off even though the app is still running in the backgrou. Some African clients are also unable to connect. However having tried it it keeps telling me that I'm not allowed to put in numerical characters. Help what is the consistent way to do it. Down detector is showing thousands of outages across the UK and other parts pf the world including Brazil and the US. It seems the KCC was not functioning since the Intersite Messaging Service stopped.