How to find qibla at home

Posted on 05.06.2018 by Roderick
Includes Qibla direction compass for mobiles Get the free HalalTrip Qibla direction app for iPhone, iPad and Android. The Fully integrated all in one lifestyle app for Muslims.
When the Sun Directly above Ka'bah, Makkah. Here's how you can calculate accurate prayer times and Qibla direction using the HalalTrip app's prayer calculator and Qibla direction feature. Online Qibla Direction Finder FAQs.
Hold out your compass flat, wait for the dial to settle. Video guide - How to find Qibla direction using an online compass. Use a mobile app to locate Qibla at your area. Are you offering Salah in the right direction. Get to know the ways for detecting Qibla direction in this post.