How much does a face cord of firewood weight

Posted on 05.06.2018 by Joleen
Stacked pine logs in the forest. Com Categories Home Garden Home Improvement Heating Ventilating and Air Conditioning Wood-Burning Stoves How much does a cord of firewood weigh. How much does a cord of fire wood weigh.

How much does a cord of firewood weigh.

The amount of wood in a rick depends on how long the log or pieces of wood are. Also, the pieces of wood are irregular in shape so you would not be able to weigh a cord of wood with precision. You might be wondering where and how much does it cost to get all that wood. Below are some rough guidelines to help you determine how much firewood you need for one Winter. For simple estimates so you don't overload a trailer etc here's a site that will hel. Eastern hardwoods, such as hickory and oak, are almost as good as coal in terms of heat value.
--- - A cord of wood, dried and stacked well, will vary in weight. Cherry or apple would weigh several times what balsa would. Different kinds of wood have different densities, and the weight will vary based on how green, wet or dry it is. How much does a cord of wood cost.