Usb not working ubuntu 12.04

Posted on 03.06.2018 by Admin
After updating it, my wired USB mouse stopped working on the login screen itself. External USB keyboards will not work to type the password in. On Windows all devices are working properly, but on Ubuntu there are several issues, so it is not hardware issue. Wired USB mouse left button stops working.
I was able to install linux and can log in ok, but at no point is my USB mouse being detected, also no USB drives are being detected by linux. I use dm-crypt which asks for password at boot. It work fine on old ubuntu, it will show as. Let me know what debugging info you need, as well as how to retrieve it. I installed the extension pack as well. This should not happen if you installed the official version of VBox from VirtualBox. HDD is not recognised, unless it is the only device attached to hub.
I must use the keyboard on the laptop itself, which is a problem since I use a docking station. This seems to be a problem with ubuntu not being able to use the motherboard correctly. The USB keyboard works after I get into the GUI if I unplug it and plug it back in. All that is required is your user name in the vboxusers group. I already ran a 'dpkg --configure -a' and a 'dpkg-reconfigure -a', with no luck.