How do i stop applications on my iphone

Posted on 07.07.2018 by Mariette
Where can I get statistics on iPhone application downloads. Your apps will reinstall when you connect your iPhone to iTunes on a computer because your iPhone ends up syncing to an old version of your iTunes library. If its green, its on so make sure Apps is gray like the picture below. The official idea is that iOS takes care of it.
How can I keep my iPhone from downloading upgrades automatically. I have this question too I have this question too Me too Me too. Its so annoying that I almost threw my phone in frustration. Why Do My Deleted Apps Keep Coming Back. The final last step you may need to take in order to stop deleted apps from syncing and updating on your iPhone is one the iPhone itself. How do I turn apps off that may be running in the background.
But also the voice control thing will pop up occasionally too. I dont know if that makes a difference or not. Inactive apps are in stand-by, which is said to be better than force-quitting and re-launching.