How to charge your iphone without using a charger

Posted on 03.06.2018 by Pamelia
Once you have your portable battery, heres how to use it. Once youve purchased one, heres how you use it to charge your device.
Remember when your iPhone runs out of charging and you needed to use a charger. This wikiHow teaches you how to charge your iPhone without using the charging block which plugs into a wall socket. However, there are more ways and means that explain how to charge an iPhone without a charger. The cable is fixed into the adapter which is plugged into the wall and then connected to the iPhone. If the iPhone is charging successfully there will be a lightning bolt symbol next to the battery icon on the screen.
You can even find battery packs that can be permanently attached to the back of your iPhone to ensure a steady supply of. Five of such unconventional me. The easiest way to charge your iPhone without the block is by using the. When iPhone runs out of battery, it is usually charged using a charging adapter and a lightning cable. These methods are used in critical situations especially the last one, when it is necessary to charge the iPhone, but you have no access to electricity. Now there are methods on how to charge iPhone without charger. There are so many different kinds to suit every budget.