How to win minesweeper everytime

Posted on 07.06.2018 by Kassandra
The song is called Forgot About Dre by Dr. Some people might think that the game mechanic is so complicated, but its not true, its actually very si. You understand the concept of the game but you just cant win it.
You will be shocked, but I found a way of solving minesweeper. If you answered yes to any of these questions then you need to watch How to play Minesweeper - It's not all about luck. I bet you did, but failed as most of us. Here's my way of solving minesweeper, ever since I used it, I've never lost a game. It only takes a few minutes and will leave you with knowle.
Dre Eminem The things you need to do in case you missed it in the video. I have never lost a game since I started to use this method. Brand new Adventure Mode - new twist on a classic game. The Windows game Minesweeper is a strategy game only for the Windows platform.