How to enable rich text formatting in gmail

Posted on 18.07.2018 by Admin
While it might not be a feature that you use often, it is occasionally the only way to correctly format something so it is a useful skill to learn. You do have to enable rich email formatting, but once you do that in Gmail, theres quite a bit you can accomplish. Format your email On your computer, open.

Still, Gmail has a lot of users.

In order to format a message that contains inline images, you should enable the rich format options. How to enable the rich text formatting in Gmail. How To Strike Through Text in Gmail. In addition to that, it will also cover several other usability tricks.

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How to display rich text formatting options when creating your Gmail email signature if they're not currently available. In below sections, we will learn ways to how to strikethrough in Gmail. Hes using Gmail, if that makes a difference. In addition, it will cover other usability tricks, such as how to unsubscribe from marketing emails and enable preview mode in Gmail. Above the text blank field, Click on Rich text formatting If you dont see the option rich text formatting that means the option is already activated and you didnt do anything else apart this.