Xperia p timescape not working

Posted on 07.06.2018 by Dyan
What you just posted, I already mentioned that in my first lines in this forum. Is Sony spying on users in this forum. Ever since facebook decided to update the app and some privacy policies it has stop working, Sony is trying to fix this.

Was it the Timescape update you received or did you just update the software in the handset.

Could somebody tell me where is the problem. All the work has been done by other developers. Please tell me what should i do in order to get the facebook integration work. I have tried removing then re adding my account but no use. I have configured facebook for Xperia, I have not enabled the auto sync, On timescape feed I am not getting any updates and it is blank. Sent from my Sony Xperia S using the xda-developers app.

Timescape wont load on my phone, i get the error message 'the application timescape provider provider com.

Only use links from other developments. Ti mescape has stopped unexpectedly. I updated my phone and thought that will solve the problem and it somewhat did, but after a couple of weeks, i faced the same problem. Also the timescape shows the updates however when I click a picture on any particular post, it loads in a separate window and again the quality of the picture is very bad blurry.