Dragons of atlantis scripts not working

Posted on 07.06.2018 by Admin
Ok i have a friend who is trying to get a script to work for dragons of atlantis on facebook. Don't help them to seek ways to block this script. Additional titles, containing dragons of atlantis working scripts. See that button next to it on the left.
This script includes automatic features such as building, training, camps attacks, etc. I just dont see how it is not working for her. You can see all the chests that you own. This type of action extremely abusive to the servers are what make that game developers end up tired and seek more strictest ways to block all scripts.

Click info, hen items on the Doa teamwork open program.

Under chest header, look for the chest you want to open. IttifakCellatlaRDragon Of AtlantisSaco. Changing some values in the various settings of this script or directly within the code can generate many requests to the servers and may overload them. Load script and go to items page. Control to bypass the referrer and block it. Enhanced Power Tools for Dragons of Atlantis DOA, modded by Jawz - Original script - KabaListics is Jawz's trademark. Now i believe she is running on windows xp but i dont know if that is the problem i have someone else who does run windows xp and has no problem running the script.