In doctor who how many doctors are there

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How many Doctor Who episodes have you seen. How would Doctor Who have been different if the show had been filmed in America. How many Doctors have there been. How does the Doctor travel in time.
In David Tennants version Bernard Cribbins starred asGrandad. How many doctors were there in Doctor Who. Most Time Lords obey a strict policy of non-interference in the events of the universe, but the Doctor is a renegade, willfully intervening in history in order to fight evil and aid the oppressed. However, there are many unofficial versions of the Doctor that have been seen in spin-off material, not generally seen as part of the established television canon. The Doctor is a member of a race of beings called the Time Lords, from the planet Gallifrey. How many beings has the doctor killed. Doctor Who is about an alien time traveller known as the Doctor Doctor Who is very rarely used as the name of the character -- typically only in the end credits.
But it isnt counting Lethbridge Stewart, who technically wasnt a companion, but is considered to be by many Doctor Who fans. How many compaions has the doctor had in doctor who. Why do different actors play the Doctor in different episodes.