How to melt chocolate bark without double boiler

Posted on 28.08.2018 by Admin
I don't have a double boiler so can I just boil some water in a pot place a glass bowl over top with the chocolate inside. Should I add some butter or will this make my reindeer bark gross. Insert the smaller vessel into the cooking pan filled with water. If the bowl is too hot for you to handle after it has been microwaved, it is too hot for your chocolate.
Heat up some chocolate with tips from a chef in this free video on. Read how to temper chocolate to learn how. Without a double boiler on hand, melting chocolate can be tricky process. Melting Chocolate in the Microwave. If you do not have a double boiler, you can melt chocolate in a saucepan or pot just put the chocolate in the pot and heat without water, as long as you keep the heat low and stir it constantly. Using the wrong container for melting chocolate can lead to sticking, burning and other all around un-tasty results.
How exactly should I go about this. The most critical part of melting chocolate in the microwave is choosing an appropriate container. Smaller saucepans are a good choice, as are mason jars or any other container large enough to contain the chocolate and sturdy enough to withstand the heat from the stove top. If you have overheated your chocolate, immediately pour it into a cool bowl add chunks of unmelted chocolate, and stir continuously.