Customize ubuntu installation cd

Posted on 12.06.2018 by Deena
The process of customizing or remastering Ubuntu installation CDs is not especially complex, but it is a little tedious and finicky. Cubic is being actively developed and it offers many options to easily create a customized Ubuntu live cd. I would like to customize Ubuntu live CD by installing some additional packages. This page shows a simple recipe for customizing the CD.

Debian-installer also known as d-i, which in this case is really a specialized miniature Ubuntu system.

I have followed this but it doesn't seems to work. It has an intuitive GUI interface that allows effortless navigation back and forth with a mouse click during the live image creation process. Kubuntu Seeking advice creating a custom kubuntu installation. Then echo PS - Cleaning DEB rm -rf DEB fi. Fortunately, I found an alternative tool to create Ubuntu live cd images. How to Customise the Ubuntu Desktop CD. Building a new CD may involve modifications to all three parts.

Openssh-server build-essential.

And a Debian-style repository structure, which. Can anyone provide clear instructions. A installed and configured ubuntu system with GUI, like with lubuntu-desktop installed. Mint and Debian are very similar and may work with minimal changes to the commands ie, replace apt-get with whatever package manager the particular distro uses. Is what takes up disk space in the directories pool and dists.