Why are fizzy drinks not good for you

Posted on 19.10.2018 by Novella
Uk office almost ended in all out warfare. What happens to your body when you drink a fizzy drink. When we eat or drink free sugars there is an initial surge of energy in our body and a hormone called insulin is secreted to control this sudden supply.

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Although not as valid as this official list which tells you. Fizzy drinks are not just incredibly bad for your health, they are also an addiction. According to Medical Daily, this is because it feels good when you consume these sodas, but they have a harmful effect on your health. But we all have different tastes where our favourite fizzy drink is concerned.

Whether youre in the Coke camp, the Tango tribe or you somehow like Dr Pepper really.

This is because of the Aspartame found in these drinks, which have been linked to headaches and seizures, as well as disrupted sleeping patterns. Why are sport drinks good for an athletes hydration. If you suffer from headaches, Metro notes that it may not be caused by stress and that actually, soda could be the culprit. This burst of energy is very short lived and is fo.