What is google android 4.1 jelly bean os

Posted on 19.06.2018 by Admin
The difference between ICS and JB is not that great as it was between GB and ICS. According to Google, the new OS version will introduce a faster and more responsive UI experience. Here are some tips for optimizing your application to make the most of this device.

Before moving to this version of Android lets have some overview of Android Operating System and some of its versions.

Jelly Bean will be more intelligent and intuitive than previous versions of the OS. Yes, I am talking about the next bang coming to overwhelm all of us. Google has introduced support for new languages. In the Jelly Bean OS a new keyboard is added with predictive text input and extended vocabulary. Anyway, Google has introduced some pretty cool features that make Jelly Bean. Project Butter is a performance-focussed effort to rework the platform from deep within the code of Android.
Before its launch, we also covered the rumours and speculation surrounding Android Jelly Bean, and now we bring you its top features, in time for its roll-out this month. Below we shall pass a birds eye view on all of them. Google announced today the next level version of Android OS, also known as Jelly Bean. The user can enter text with your voice without having to connect to the Internet. While the feature is only available for English, but later will be added and others.