How to avoid frozen pipes during power outage

Posted on 20.06.2018 by Jefferson
On the bottom of the water heater, there is a spout and that is where you will drain the water. How to Avoid Frozen Pipes During Extended Power Outage. Fall is beginning to settle in, and winter will hit us faster than we realize. In basements and crawl spaces, pipes touching an outside wall or located outside need to be properly covered.
If you go on holiday for the winter, and while you are away there is a furnace failure or power outage, theres a high possibility that you will come back to a home with frozen pipes. Usually above the water heater there are two valves, one for hot water and one for cold water, shut off the water there. Tips to Avoid Frozen Pipes During Extended Power Outage Leave kitchen and bathroom cabinet doors open to allow the somewhat warmer air in the room to circulate around the plumbing. If youre still without power and are worried about frozen pipes with the cold weather expected this weekend fear not. Adam Helfman, the home maintenance-and-repair expert of Hire it Done, says the solution is simple and two-fold.

You can also drain your water heater during an outage to avoid damage.

When the power is out, you have no heat to heat up your pipes, he said. Keep pipes from freezing outside. Many people think of winter as a magical time of the year, but theres nothing magical about frozen pipes and no water.