How to remove broken exhaust manifold bolt from head

Posted on 04.06.2018 by Karleen
Show more Ive got a of a problem with my motorbike. I was replacing the exhaust when one of the manifold bolts snapped.

Select a box wrench that fits the nut head and place the wrench on the nut.

It's fitted to the block on threaded studs. The same process can be used on any aluminum head. One of the most difficult jobs on a car is how to remove exhaust manifold bolts. I heated it up before hand with an oxyacethelene torch but it still snapped.

When you are done spraying each bolt head, tap the bolt with a box wrench to send vibrations through it to help the PB work its way into the threads.

How Do I Remove a Broken Threaded Bolt From an Exhaust Manifold. Attach the red spray straw to the nozzle of the PB blaster, and spray the exhaust manifold bolts, starting from the bottom and working all the way around the bolt head. This shows how to remove a broken head bolt very easy and affective and safes drilling or other Bullst. If you are using a stud puller, skip the rest of the steps and begin working the stud puller in a counter-clockwise fashion to loosen the bolt. It removes hot exhaust fumes from the internal combustion process and funnels them into the exhaust system and out the tailpipe.