How old is president obama youngest daughter

Posted on 23.06.2018 by Eleanore
Image caption Messages posted by the First Lady - and others - are only temporarily available on Snapchat. In July, he said she also tweets, leading several media outlets to try to identify her account. President Barack Obama has disclosed that his younger daughter recently mocked him on Snapchat.

Both daughters attend Sidwell Friends School in Washington.

Com Categories History, Politics Society History History of the United States US Presidents Barack Obama How old is Obama's youngest daughter. Sasha was born in the University of Chicago Hospital. The show's host, Jimmy Kimmel, joked that the event represented a security breach. She plays the piano and enjoys tennis, tap dancing and gymnastics. How old are Barack Obama's daughters and what is their name. How do we balance issues of security.
How old is Obama's youngest daughter. Kendrick Lamar and Janelle Monae performed at the White House on America's birthday, but they weren't the only ones to showcase their singing skills. How old was barack obama when he became president.