Why germany lost eastern front

Posted on 04.06.2018 by Admin
America being such a big country could produce extra supplies of both troops and materials to benefit the allies. Ergo, they became stronger and better able to mount offensives at precisely the same time that the German defenders had become weaker. As it was the top German generals advised bypassing these surrounded Russian soldiers and marching on Moscow but Hitler insisted on smashing them than send in the SS.
They hated Stalin, and had Hitler played his cards right many of these soldiers would have joined in the attack on Moscow. As such, when the war did emerge Germany followed the Schlieffen Plan - but they did not invade Holland as originally planned. However a big factor in them joining was the fear factor which the German forces must have experienced if only contemplating the sheer number of American troops that would soon be ascending on them. The invading Germans were welcomed by many Russians.
This gave the allies a much-needed boost. And then Germany could place its whole army on the eastern front to defeat the Russians with. The most dramatic and most significant reversal of German fortunes came, however, on the eastern front. With the French then defeated, only the one front with Russia would remain. Why did Germany lose in World War. So it's not at all surprising that the german position steadily eroded after Kursk. Could Germany have won World War II if they did not attack the Soviet Union.