Eclipse web deployment assembly not working

Posted on 04.06.2018 by Wayne
Please also suggest me any material that includes this sort of information. I have selected option Run stand alone web module directly from work space in web logic server configuration window in eclipse.

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Because of that when tomcat starts it doesnt find any required jars or the project B and. To solve this, I add Maven dependencies to the project's deployment assembly. Xml to use some specific class A and then update the project, tomcat says it cannot load class A although it is included in the build path and exists in the filesystem. I would appreciate your help on this regard.
Eclipse only understands Eclipse, so your Maven build configuration must be translated. Build path On the build path of A I have one of the libraries as Maven dependencies. I did it but after I export my project, I don't see external jars exported. I have no idea, why auto-deployment is not working. I started a web app project in eclipse, added the maven nature to ease dependencies download and management and created some files. Classpath, by Web Deployment Assembly. Not a big issue, you still can modify the value.