What is your favorite non-social networking website

Posted on 05.06.2018 by Annalisa
Home Technology Internet What is your favorite non-social networking website. Google docs as i use it to write scripts and documents for my homebrewed dnd campaign along with other things.
A lot of business minded people these days are now doing business online and use these social networking sites to respond to customer queries. When compared to other popular SNS online, some of them seem to not have that socialization element. Facebook for friends, Twitter for business and news. But my guess is that these people are non-conformists for various valid reasons.

What is the purpose of social networking sites.

But if LinkedIn is your favorite social network site, chances are that youre the no-nonsense type who only uses SNS for professional networking and nothing more. You can share memories and things that you have recently done. It's a blogging site but it's awesome. We asked you, What Is Your Favorite Social Network, Why. Perhaps GAG, which I don't really consider social networking. This hard as i am seeing any site with a messaging system as social networking. There was the usual mix of long and short comments, but overall the discussion was informative.