Ustream chat not working chrome

Posted on 03.06.2018 by Admin
I own an Inspiron laptop, and my sister owns a regular PC. Show more The chat isnt the only thing that isn't working, it's also the screen area. Instead of being black it's just blank white.

This channel is off air, no playable content available, not working, Cant Stream Error etc.

At first, it takes some while as it try to loadsleft side of below image, then shows that it is not available right side of chrome. Com main channel chat to look if. I cannot ever get into Ustream chat. It's stuck on the Social Stream tab and nothing happens when I click on the.
Thanks my link for channel if you want to try it. Just open the link in Browser, You don't need any extra tools for Video Chat. I was using Java for that game but am trying Google Chrome for it as well and am seeing the same chat issue. I have tried using Chrome, Explorer, Firefox, and Safari. Im there but its not showing my login nick and people who are on my channel chat on main ustream channel are not showing on mirc chat, please can you tell me why.