Im 13 and 4 11 how much should i weigh

Posted on 09.06.2018 by Rubye
How much you weigh should not be relied on to change your diet or exercise regimen. Helpful to also know her height to calculate body mass index. Contact your local physician for expert advise on how much you should weigh. In other words focus less on weight loss and more on not gaining additional weight as she increases in height.
Im no expert at this but it seems that stress is affecting your weight in a negative way, so I would try to eliminate that. This weight calculator is for adults and is for information only. The following chart lists the weights in the different BMI ranges for adults at different heights. You can always lose more weight when you reach your fitness objectives. The number of daily calories do you require. As you grow up the range will change. Read on to learn more about BMI and other ways to determine an ideal weight.
Of course you could just look at yourself in the mirror and make your own judgement, but for health reasons it may be important to know whats normal and whats not for your age. I despise having anorexia, but then I love it and need it. Below you can easily find out with our handy calculator below. How much should I weigh for my height and age. How Much Should I Weigh Links Resources Privacy Pol. Pregnant woman cannot be accurately calculated.