Why do caliban stephano and trinculo stink

Posted on 09.06.2018 by Admin
In The Tempest, Caliban thinks he stumbles into gods when he finds Trinculo and Stephano. The Tempest --Caliban, Stephano, and Trinculo chased off by. Because of Stephano's generosity with his celestial liquor, Caliban takes him to be some sort of benevolent god. He likes to be a bit of a Bully to Trinculo and shes himself as king of the isle that they are on.
Remember, that the play is a comedy and needs light-hearted subplot. Much to Trinculo's disbelief, Caliban actually offers his service to Stephano, forsaking the tyrant Prospero. Finally, Stephano and Trinculo could also have the purpose of presenting the darker and negative side of civilization and the weakness of humanity in contrast to Prospero.
The director, Sam Mendes, achieved genuine humour, but not at the expense of the conspiracy hatched by Caliban and his drunken comrades. This is shown throughout the play as Stephano and Trinculo are both drunks and seemingly uneducated, while plotting against Pospero. When the butt is out, we will drink. Even though he is native to the island, he values Stephano as a leader.