How to establish a company in canada

Posted on 07.11.2018 by Hallie
Establishing credit in Canada involves borrowing money and paying them back over a period of time. You also need to decide what you will call your business.
At ICS we know that the first priority of business owners who are setting up their business in Canada is that the process is straightforward, efficient and that there are no hidden complications. From the investors side, the company establishment processes may be regarded as a long process with a strict bureaucracy. The ICT Start-Up program is also an ideal option for business owners who wish to come to Canada.
Starting a Canadian Business When You Already Have a Business. Company establishment facilitated within the Turkish Commercial Code. Are you a non-Canadian who has an established business in your own country and would like to start a business in Canada. By opening a Canadian office, owners will be able to relocate to Canada without giving up the company they have worked hard to build. Industries vary by market location across Canada. Or are you a non-Canadian who would like to open a company in Canada. Thats why weve developed a two-step process which guides us as we help our clients navigate the legal and administra.