Junos mpls label-switched-path install

Posted on 04.06.2018 by Leesa
Instead, paths are established for particular source-destination pairs. When a packet containing a label arrives at a router. Enable link protection on the interface carrying the main LSP. To include other characters, enclose the name in quotation marks.
Packets arent forwarded on a hop-by-hop basis. In a hop-by-hop router configuration, packets enter a router, the router examines the header, and then the router sends the packet to the next hop based on the ultimate destination address. Label Switched Path Secondary Path.
Configuration required on both ingress and transit routers. In a label-switched network, the operation is different. When configuring an LSP, you must specify the address of the egress router in the to statement. On ingress router inside protocols mpls hierarchy, configure the static-path inet. This path is called a label-switched path LSP. Enable link protection on the protected LSP.