How to recork a bottle of beer

Posted on 05.06.2018 by Admin
Am i supposed to recork it or how do i save it for later. What's the guidance on recorking or saving what's left of an already opened beer.
I have been doing this for over ten years with no damage to my teeth. Learn how to recork a wine bottle with these simple tricks. Some days and situations simply require such hedonistic response. If you try this, don't blame me if you fuck it up and fuck up your teeth or whatever.

Pouring it out in the sink or toilet is not an option while leaving it on the counter or in the fridge without a cork seems to affect its taste.

Com, so please subscribe to PureWow. I just opened a bottle of wine but didn't finish it. I most always finish my larger bottles on the day I open them, but sometimes I just don't want as much, and would prefer to save the rest for another day. How many beers does an alcoholic drink in ONE DAY.