Why go to school in boston

Posted on 06.06.2018 by Chuck
It is very easy to get around and the city and surrounding areas are pedestrian friendly because the Boston suburbs evolved before cars. I learned just as much wandering the city and meeting like-minded individuals from other schools as I did in the classrooms. Boston is an incredible city, though. The city is considered as a world leader in innovation.
Boston is an international center of higher education. I can't say the same for UPenn because I didn't go there, but I know my friend majored in English Lit and he enjoyed that. We are biased of course but we believe Boston is one of the best places to receive a graduate education. To add, I know for a fact you can double major in Psychology and Neuroscience with very few extra classes. Boston is an advanced place to go to school because Massachusetts receives the most venture capital funding in the country. I really believed that oncethat school wasnt for me, that education wasnt for me, that the street was it.
I'm obviously biased, but the city itself is worth the time spent there. Please click on each question heading below to learn more about student life in Boston and at Boston University School of Medicine. Boston is a vibrant, fun, and intellectual city with lots to do for anyone coming here. His penchant for brawling in the hallways eventually got him kicked out of the Boston public school system. There are few places that come close to matching the opportunities available to students of the health sciences here.