How to write powershell script for sharepoint 2010

Posted on 03.06.2018 by Aretha
Here get is verb then a hyphen- and finally date which is noun. The first thing to understand is that we have to explicitly perform all of the same actions as if you were performing a GUI installation.

Start PowerGUI script editor and go to File Powershell Libraries Click on Add Module and add downloaded PowerPack for sharepoint library here That will add another entry Microsoft.

Do you have any words of wisdom. Though it does not support few functionalities, we can achieve some of the basic functionalities with this. Restart PowerGUI script editor and you are ready to get started.

Please find the attached CSV files which will be used in the PS file.

ThreadOptions ReuseThread Add-PsSnapin Microsoft. Check the library to make it enable. For example, to get current date, you need to execute command get-date. As as SharePoint developer we dont need to be expert in PowerShell script but we need to know the basic syntax. My main concern for this was performance as looping through a list searching for duplicates could be an expensive operation. WindowTitle -- Get Site Context -.