How to get rid of group chat on facebook iphone

Posted on 07.06.2018 by Justine
Not only that this Invite button in Messenger is annoying to most iPhone users, but it also harasses or almost forc. With your Facebook account your can make business pages, create discussion groups for your clients and chat with your colleagues and customers in real-time via the Facebook chat tool. In the upper right hand corner, tap on the menu icon in order to bring out the chat sidebar. All the recipients will receive it and you'll even be able to name the conversation along the top of the chat window.
This isnt an official feature yet, but hopefully, Facebook will do something about it. Jailbroken iOS users can now enjoy the minimal thread without the Invite button using a tweak called NoInviteFBMessenger. Its fairly simple to clear WhatsApp group chat history on iPhone without leaving the group. But the one truly surefire way to get rid of your data for good is to just delete the whole damn thing. Log out of the Facebook chat tool to remove the chat box.

How to make a group chat on iPhone.

For iPhone and iPad users, I can totally understand how it feels like to have this annoying button present almost from every single person youre in touch with. Although the chat tool can be handy, it is not necessarily something you want active at all times. Let's see how to create a group chat on iPhone by using ezTalks, iMessage, and viber.