Why is female genital mutilation viewed differently than male circumcision

Posted on 10.06.2018 by Alberta
Why is female circumcision looked down upon more than male circumcision. The side effects from that are much closer to male circumcision than FGM. I also think its important to recognize that there is a massive difference in damage and trauma betw.

But to say that theyre the same is ignorant.

Its quite a bit different from a piece of skin being sliced off while the majority of the genitals remain intact and functional. It is now referred to as female genital mutilation rather than female circumcision to make it clear that this is an unnecessary procedure that results in actual physical and psychological harm. So, when you're comparing the types of circumcision that are pra. What is the reason for female genital mutilation.

When in reality, there are many different types of FGM, some of which are much less severe than the removal of the foreskin from a male.

I do agree that all infant genital mutilation should be banned. Why is female circumcision genital mutilation while male circumcision is standard procedure. Its like comparing politicians to Nazis, which I frequently hear from both sides. The male equivalent of female genital mutilation isnt having the foreskin removed. Sadly we live in a society where it seems the discussion of certain issues is highly polarised and politicised. If it is Muslim, what is the Quran quote. Why is there such a high rate of female genital mutilation in Egypt.