How do i scroll down on my macbook air

Posted on 11.06.2018 by Admin
Use these steps to erase your Apple TV, restoring it to the factory settings. But we'll presume you're using a desktop computer with the magic mouse. The actual scrolling is not what is changing pages on you. How do I prevent my MacBook Air from forgetting my Remapped Caps Lock Key.

If your configuration is different please indicate the kind of Mac as there are a couple different models, as well as whether.

How do I scroll down on emails on iMac with wireless mouse. Wired Keyboard not working properly. There are a few ways you can scroll down on a Mac, using keyboard keys, or the scroll on the mouse. Scroll lock on USB keyboard does not enable scroll lock. If you're on a laptop, this would be a similar adjustment.
Put two fingers on the mouse pad and scroll up. Read this article for tips on scrolling down on a Mac. Want to restore your Mac or Apple computer to its default factory settings. This video is to show the user how to scroll up and down on their MacBook Apple device.