Why isnt my wireless internet working on my laptop

Posted on 04.06.2018 by Admin
DNS is usually provided by your ISP unless you specify a different one. My dads wireless on his laptop stopped working so we had his friend fix it last night. That often fixes adapter problems.

Unfortunately we need more information to help you.

I am pretty sure it is the routers problem since I just went over my friends house and the internet was flying there. Why isn't my laptop's wireless card working. Try restarting the router and modem also theat also helps sometime. Why are you putting that number for the DNS. Does the internet work when plugged in via Ethernet. Hello everyone, this is a very easy fix - just update the wireless driver, restart the laptop. My dads wireless is working now, mine still isn't.
I've tried several times to do the right click and repair option and that didn't work. Show more I just got a used laptop that works great and the wireless worked up until two days ago. You should change it to automatic. A second thing to do is uninstall the network adapter and then restart the computer and let Windows reinstall it. More info on My Wireless internet card isnt working. My wireless internet isnt working. Is it just the wireless networking that doesn't work, or is it the whole computer.