What is it like teaching in china

Posted on 04.06.2018 by Marisela
If Im really honest, Id say to add to my travel-cred. China had a bit more mystery to it, and I wanted an experience that was different from most.

What's It Really Like To Teach English In China.

I suspect though that your question may be more along the lines of, what it is like in an EFL classroom in China, and if so, here is the first of a series of videos you can view. Keep in mind that I teach in a private university, in Beijing, so this will be nothing compared to the average classroom in China. Its a much bigger country than South Korea, so I felt like there was a lot more for me to explore. After all, living and working somewhere as different as China is bound to have its challenges.
I suppose one of the main things teachers have to adjust to is mostly cultural. Here are some random things about teaching in China. But it can be hard to sift through the gleaming reviews to find out what you can really expect. Why did you decide teaching in China was the best fit for you. Thats why weve put together this post to help you understand what teaching in China is really like.