Why sea water is salty wiki

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As there will not be any fresh water inflow into the ocean in such areas, the salt content will be more. Atmospheric phenomena like evaporation also increase the salt concentration in the oceans. More fresh and sea water facts. Have you ever wondered why the ocean is salty and why most lakes are not.

Volcanoes erupting under the sea is yet another way the sea.

Here sea water reacts with the hot rocks erupted by the volcanoes and dissolves the mineral constituents. The more away they are from land, the more saltily their waters taste. Rivers carried water to these lakes, the water in the lakes evaporated but left the salt behind. Megas collected a Greek variant The Mill in Folktales of Greece. Sea water is salty because it contains large amounts of the salt Sodium Chloride. The left-behind salt slowly accumulates until, over the eons, the seas became salty-now about three percent.
When seawater evaporates to form clouds, almost all of the salt stays behind. Seawater also picks up salt from the oceanic crust. The mill that grinds at the bottom of the sea is a Norwegian fairy tale collected by Peter Christen Asbjornsen and Jorgen Moe in their Norske Folkeeventyr. Sea waters salinity changes as per the geographical location of the ocean. Little known Facts about Fresh Water and Salt Water.