Power windows not working 2004 ford explorer

Posted on 10.06.2018 by Admin
After doing some research on the web, I checked all the fuses and replaced the GEM module. The stereo sometimes works and sometimes doesn't. Ford Explorer Power Windows - Car Forums at Edmunds.
Any help on where to start and where this may lead would be appreciated. She just told me her power windows, gas gauge, and radio all stopped working and her interior lights are randomly turning on. After Checking With Test Light It Appears There Is No Power Going To The Windows Have Checked The. Anything in the PD BOX, which would mean that your Explorer would have to. And the power windows all of them quit working as well as the dome light. Check the other window switches and see if you can use them properly. Ford recommends disconnecting the battery before servicing.
Now, both haveonce again stopped functioning. I was able to jump the passenger motor and the window went. An ice pick that attaches to the handle, and a black wire at the other end of the hand, which has a plastic-coated, alligator clip on the end of the wire. Com Explorer Interior Radio Not Working. Ford Explorer Exhaust Smells Investigated. If it's blown, don't replace it until you fix what made it blow up in the first place.