Black ops 2 best vector setup

Posted on 04.06.2018 by Delia
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You won't need sights because the iron sight is good.

Video contains prohibited content. Our absolute favorite SMG is, by far, the Vector. Best with target finder and fast mag. This is the class Setup for Chicom CQB I suggest you don't use this gun, pain in the. This setup was made keeping in mind the most recent July patch and contains the selections which are best in their class. Assault rifle is going to be next.
You need Flack Jacket because most of the games maps are small and there will always be explosives thrown your way when capping flags in domination, Flack Jacket will help you. The main strategy with the class is to play patiently, rack up the points by cleverly jumping on objectives and get kills from range. This thing can shred enemies fast.