Why does shakespeare use iambic pentameter in romeo and juliet prologue

Posted on 06.06.2018 by Nobuko
Juliet has a couple of good soliloquys. When does Shakespeare use soliloquy in Romeo and Juliet. Most of the plays combine prose, blank verse, and rhymed.

It sounds as though you are looking for something that connects well with the definition of tragedy.

Why did Shakespeare use the sonnet form for the prologue. I've written about Shakespeare's iambic pentameter before, but I only discussed what it is, what the variations of it are and why it's important to be aw. The line also shows how a slight shift in the syntactic order, shifting the word breaks to the end of the phrase rather than directly following the subject of light. Why did shakespeare use a prologue at the start of romeo and Juliet.
Most of Shakespeare famous lines are in iambic pentameter, but why did he use it. Not all of Shakespeares plays are in verse. Only King John and Richard II are entirely in verse, and The Merry Wives Of Windsor is almost entirely in prose.