Why does bodybuilders take insulin

Posted on 08.06.2018 by Madge
Over the long term, the extra insulin could cause irreversible long-term damage. Why Do Bodybuilders Use Insulin. Insulin helps to volumize each cell.

Due to its anabolic nature, it stimulates protein sysnthesis and that leads to muscle growth.

To pile drive nutrients into their muscles. Bodybuilders 'abusing Insulin'. One shouldnt take insulin unless youre diabetic or youre a professional athlete under medical supervision.
Could they just not eat more carbs to have more insulin. Doctors believe that an increasing number of bodybuilders are putting themselves at risk by injecting themselves with insulin. Insulin and HGH have very big benefits and if they don't take them, then they wouldn't get those benefits, therefore they would be in a disadvantage against the ones who do use. It also improves your performance as too much glycogen is already present in the muscles which fuel the workout. Finally, insulin works to prevent the breakdown of muscle protein, which also helps a person bulk up with muscle. Why Bodybuilders Use Insulin and the side effects it can cause if abused by people who are otherwise healthy.