How to use virtual clone drive to play games

Posted on 09.06.2018 by Mike
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I'm having to use virtual clone drive because the disc is too scratched. This is a new Channel and every Like and Sub means a lot. How to use virtual clone drive. When I say 'open' it just gives me all the individual files of the game. Exe but when I click the install buttton it doesn't do anything. Mouse and Headset Stop Working Periodically when Gaming. How To Install An Iso File Virtual Clone Drive.
Any Ideas you may have or any other queries feel free to message us on Youtube or email us at email protected. I need to know how to install the game once I have mounted the game onto the virtual clone drive. Once you have mounted your ISO file, you can play it with your normal DVD playing app, as it will now recognize the mounted disc as a DVD. Apache Server Won't Start Problem, ow to solve.