Why some diving scores crossed out

Posted on 03.06.2018 by Rosario
The pike position is performed with the knees straight and the body bent or folded at the waist. Some dives can begin in the flying position with the body kept straight and the diver's arms to the side. Cross out Diver B's highest and lowest score. R E C R U I T M E N T The course is tougher but women are staying the distance, reports Andrew Crisp.

Then one arm is moved up and the other down, which forms the basis of the twist.

It takes several steps to get from the judge ratings to the final scores, and the announcers are rarely eager to explain it. Why Do Some People Call Football Soccer. Note the synchronization scores. Here you can score some unique Sea Creatures. The arms then go into a regular diving position prior to hitting the water. A Women who apply for jobs in middle or senior management have a higher success rate than men, according to an employment survey.
Why are a few of the scores always crossed out. These Sea Creatures are in order of appearance in your menu. Each of these positions is designated by a letter on a diving score sheet.