Php connection sql server 2012

Posted on 04.06.2018 by Admin
SQL Server Authentication should be used only when Windows Authentication is not possible. Php info picture that showing sqlsrv success. The following points must be considered when you use SQL Server Authentication to connect to SQL Server.
The problem is the wrong command syntax. Sebenarnya ide ini berasal dari teman kantor yang ingin mencobanya namun masih gagal. Use NT authentication when connecting to the server mssql. Your connection string says AttachDbFilenameDataDirectorymyDB.
Unfortunately, it did not worksqlmix is necessary. Have in mind that PHP communicates with SQL Server. For example, if the SQL Server password is password, the value of the PWD connection attribute must be set to password. Databasedbname'', username, password. If you are not getting success, please check. There is certainly a php-mssql package available in the extras repository so just a yum install php-mssql should sort that out - it pulls in freetds as a dependency too.