How to make a log graph in numbers

Posted on 19.12.2018 by Davis
When I plot the information I get arithmetically I have an exponential growth curve, but I think I need to have a straight line for the log. Since zero is never shown on a log axis, you need to decide where to begin the bars. How to Make a Semi-Log Graph on Excel. If you want a log scale, you can change it after creating it.
I would like to inverse the bar graph in a way that the lower the number, the higher the bargraph should be. With linear scaling, a bar that is twice as tall represents twice the value. The point of a bar graph is to let people compare heights of the bars. Not so on a log scale, which has no logical starting place.
Excel defaults to a linear scale for graphs, but you can easily change it to logarithmic to suit wide data ranges or logarithmic phenomena. This is the only graph type that will work. Click on the graph axis you want to change to a logarithmic scale.