How to calculate a downward slope

Posted on 04.06.2018 by Louanne
In a nutshell, the slope of a line is simply the change in the y-values vs. I also have the surface normal for each polygon, and am familiar with dot and cross products. Draw dots on the graph to represent these points, and note their coordinates.
I can also calculate a simple angle value for the polygon by taking the arccos of the dot product. Solve a coordinate given the slope and distance from a point. I have searched many forums, including this one, but can't find the answer.

But when the character lands on a steep-slope polygon, I need them to slide down the slope of the polygon.

Find the slope intercept form of a line. Find the x or y of a point given another point and the slope. But I need the downward vector that matches the slope of the polygon, so I can apply their position to it over time and thus, slide down. I can do most of this, but I can't find out how to calculate the downward vector that matches the slope of the given polygon they have collided with. But calculating slope can be a little confusing becase a line can be given in many different forms. How to Solve the Delta of x and. All the basics are working well.