Setup raid 10 with 4 drives

Posted on 05.06.2018 by Admin
Hopefully this doesn't cause any errors. For speed and reliability what would I be better off doing. Creating two drive groups with two hard drives in each group. What you will need is a cable with a single connector on the end for both power and data.
Thank you for the quick response. No, you want to do just the opposite. This morning I turned on the computer and had. When I booted the computer I had my The Intel Rapid Storage Technology application pop up with a warning sign on the first disc in my array. The one that matches the checksum. The performance of the two should be similar - perhaps the seek performance would be different for high concurrent use in PG.

When I asked Dell support they said I will have to get back plane with SAS cables.

Otherwise, back up your important data. Then the program files ones in their own VM's roles. So hyper-v machine, would you guys recommend. Thanks, hope my question is clear now.