How to remove brake drum nissan sentra

Posted on 06.06.2018 by Xiomara
Remove the shoes and hardware, then when reinstalling. Raise and support vehicle and remove wheel.

How to Change Drum Brakes In depth, ultimate guide.

How To Replace Drum Brake Shoes. Look for leaking wheel cylinders, replace if leaking. Click the above link for the brake spring tool I used in the video. How to remove a stuck brake drum in minutes. A recommendation to beginners would be to remove both drums first and leave one side together intact with the shoes and hardware as a reference to the other side. Please click like and subscribe.
How to Change the Rear Drum Brakes on a Nissan Sentra. Always spray everything down with brake parts cleaner befor. This should have you to the point of drum removal obviously I did not cover tire removal because if someone cant do that, they need not even attempt brakes. I always replace the hardware kit with every rear brake job that i do. Remove the drums do not remove anything but. It takes some hand dexterity and some technical know-how, but it's certainly an achievable task if you leave yourself enough time. Although they're not as easy to replace as front disk brakes, the rear drum brakes on your Nissan Sentra can be removed and replaced in the comfort of your driveway with the proper tools.