Why did british columbia entered confederation

Posted on 07.06.2018 by Angelica
When Were the Articles of Confederation Approved. What few settlers did live in the region were mostly centered around Fort Victoria on Vancouver Island, although other traders and explorers were spread throughout the mountains. The first Canadian trans-continental railway built was the Canadian Pacific going through the Crow's Nest Pass of the Rockies.

Canadian National Railway was a sort of amalgam of 'lost cause' private railways picked up by the federal government which was extended and expanded.

There were many interesting 'entrepreneurial' types involved in Confederation discussions. This left the colonies who joined confederation free to spend their money on more important matters such as schools and roads. Why did British Columbia want to join confederation.
British Columbia and Confederation. Why Did New Brunswick Join the Confederation. --- British Columbia joined the confederation because a lot of settlers came to Vancouver and wanted to join Canada.