Student finance travel grant how long

Posted on 07.06.2018 by Admin
It's also important to remember that the travel grants work on an expenses system so you are reimbursed for expenses you have already paid for by sending in receipts as evidence. If youre studying or working abroad as part of your course and you want to apply for a grant towards the cos. Contact Student Finance England. Extra money to pay for university.
Youll be able to get a Long Course Loan if youre getting the extra Maintenance Loan thats based on your household income. Worried about student finance on a year abroad. As well as a Travel Grant, you can also get help to cover the cost of medical insurance, visa costs and vaccinations.
After applying for student finance for clinical study youll automatically receive a travel grant form if youre eligible. You'll be asked to submit your household income information. Find information here about maintenance loans, maintenance grants special support grants. We take you through all the details, from Erasmus to travel grants, tuition fees and maintenance loans. Only eligible courses or placements can get a Travel Grant, you only way to know how much you can get is to apply. So if you fancied using this to bag yourself some free first-class flights, think again.