What is the difference between drug abuse and drug misuse

Posted on 08.06.2018 by Florine
Drug abuse is when you overuse or misuse a drug such asprescription drugs for purposes other than what it was meant to beused for. Contact us today about getting your loved one started on the road to sobriety.
Drug addiction is when you experience withdrawal symptomsafter discontinued use of a drug. If, somebody uses a drug without knowing its purpose, then it leads to drug misuse. Also, the consequences of each are different and serious.
Mainly, the individuals intention is the keystone to either misuse or abuse. On the other hand, knowing pretty well about its purpose, if a person uses a medication as a habit, then it is called drug abuse. When a person misuses or abuses a prescription drug, there is no medical oversight of the risks. In other words, misuse sometimes results out of ignorance and lack of sufficient knowledge. Both are unique issues that come about in different ways. Drug abuse can lead to serious adverse physical consequences including drug addiction and death. Drug abuse is using a substance habitually, even when it may damage the body or mind.