Nokia c7 camera not working

Posted on 09.06.2018 by Arden
Instead the camera displays a dark screen and a pop up window stating something went wrong, and the camera's flash that acts as the flashlight is not working at all. In fact due to the strong noise reduction smaller text fonts are hardly legible even when the text is in focus, so making nice shots of documents and leaflets is a challenge. However, some of the phone applications are not working after the process.
I was seriously not prepared for it to turn out so badly, but there you have it. Want to watch this again later. If i reset my pantech duo by pressing master reset will it delete everything on my phone such as pictures, contacts, etc. Try to check out the solution below and check the higlighted components, it is the basic parts where to check or replaced. And its why I think we love them so much.
They were going for more punch instead of a more natural look to videos and it should work fine for the target audience. However the major missing feature autofocus becomes apparent when you try taking a closeup shot. If there are any other solutions out there that I haven. The front camera is working as normal though. It says that the update was done successfully. How do you master reset the kyocera rio phone to reset it to factory.